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Austin Business Brokers, Inc. Privacy Policy Summary

We do not share, sell or rent any data we acquire for our corporate use.

When you sign up for our Newsletter, you will recieve from us, a monthly email consisting of information and exclusive offers for Business Owners.

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Office Accelerator Privacy Policy Summary

Office Accelerator is developed and managed by Baseline Data Systems, Inc. It is a Marketing CRM with a marketing driven address book and calendar. The CRM data is used to provide a variety of integrated marketing programs using email, physical mail, document automation, phone and more. We do not share, sell or rent any data entered into Office Accelerator by our clients with each other or any other entity.

It is unlikely you will receive any spam from our clients. Office Accelerator is securely managed and spammers are discouraged by our price. Use of Office Accelerator requires a monthly service fee in addition to a small charge per email sent. This price structure makes it likely to be cost prohibitive for spammers to send email with Office Accelerator.

Each email sent with Office Accelerator Email Marketing includes an 'unsubscribe' link to unsubscribe from our client's mailing lists.

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